Saturday, October 25, 2014

Interview - Life Today - Randy Robison - Rafael Cruz - Being American

Rafael Cruz - Father of Senator Ted Cruz, tells about his journey to America and his concerns for our future.

700 Club - Godwinks

Author SQuire Rushnell believes God uses people and circumstances to give us hope. He calls these “Godwinks,” and they are much more than coincidence.

Christian Music - Fernando Ortega - Our Great God

Eternal God, Unchanging
Mysterious and Unknown
Your boundless Love, unfailing
In Grace and Mercy shown.

Contemporary Christian Music - Phil Wickham - When My Heart is Torn Asunder

Philip was raised in a Christian home, the second of three children (brother Evan, sister Jillian), and after feeling the need to "make his faith his own" he began leading worship for his youth group at 13 years of age.

Christian Testimony - My Story - Angie Forsett

Angie Forsett is married to NFL running back Justin Forsett, but her story as a professional volleyball player stands out as real, authentic, and Christ-centered.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Dr. David Reagan - Lamb and Lion Ministries - Mount of Olives - Pilgrimage 6

Visit the Mount of Olives as Dr. David Reagan takes you on a tour of Israel on the show Christ in Prophecy.

Testimonies - I Am Second - Remi Adeleke

"I made it through the Bronx, the streets, became a Navy Seal, and nobody could tell me nothing."

Remi Adeleke craved money, the power and respect as his success in life. He found it being a thug, a hustler, a "player." Then the money ran out and a different voice started speaking to him.
Of all places it guided him to the military, and eventually to Navy Seal Training. Even that didn't break him, but something else did.

Interview - Life Today - Randy Robison - Dr. Ben Carson

The neurosurgeon and author of "One Nation" talks about the choices involved in determining one's future.