Tuesday, July 22, 2014

End Time Prophecy - CBN News - July 21 2014

Pray for the Safety of Israel

Hamas terrorists infiltrated Israel Monday on their mission to kill and kidnap Israeli civilians and troops.

Gaither Homecoming - Blue Grass Gospel - Bluegrass Breakdown

Music video by Bill and Gloria Gaither performing Bluegrass Breakdown (featuring Marty Stuart, Del McCoury and Ricky Skaggs).

Songs of Worship - Gateway Worship - Heaven's Song

Wake Up the World delivers an engaging mix of modern worship anthems, exciting songs of praise and deep intimate moments of worship in an experience that is sure to impact the body of Christ.

Billy Graham - United States Military - Military Appreciation Day

Friday afternoon (July 11, 2014) at The Billy Graham Library, WWII veterans in wheelchairs sat elbow to elbow with active duty service members in boots and camouflage. And they had plenty to talk about.

They came together for the Library’s first Military Appreciation Luncheon, a free event aimed at thanking and honoring active and retired military and their families during the heart of Military Appreciation Month.

Prager University - Are People Born Good

In our universities, newspapers, and television shows, it is a given that external forces are the cause of crime. If not for poverty, murder and rape would be much lower. If not for racism, America's inner cities would be far wealthier. So on and so on. At the core of this belief is that people are basically good, and it is society that makes them bad. This notion is simply not true.

CTVN - Real Life Moments - Taking Your Vitamins

If you always carried your vitamins with you but never took them, the nutrients wouldn't do you any good. The same is true for God's Word!

Bible Prophecy - Lamb and Lion Ministries - Nathan Jones - Bible Prophecy Insights - Accuracy of Bible Prophecy

Nathan E. Jones serves as Evangelist and Web Minister for Lamb & Lion Ministries, reaching out to the two billion plus people accessible over the Internet with the message of the soon return of Jesus Christ.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Bible Prophecy - Lamb and Lion Ministries - Dr. David Reagan - The Passion of Jesus in Prophecy

Did you know that one of the most remarkable prophecies in the Bible describes the death of Jesus in detail? What makes it particularly remarkable is that it was written more than one thousand years before Jesus was born and more than 700 years before the Romans perfected crucifixion as a method of execution. You can find that prophecy in Psalm 22.