Sunday, June 26, 2016

God in America - Sunday Service - June 26 2016

1) Anne Graham Lotz - Moving Mountains with Prayer
2) The Isaacs - Daniel Prayed
3) Kay Arthur - Lord, I Need Answers
4) Lauren Daigle - Trust In You
5) Pastor Robert Morris - Why Keep Praying
6) Third Day - I Need a Miracle
7) Joseph Prince - How To Pray Powerful Prayers
8) Toby Mac - City on Our Knees
9) 700 Club Interactive - Power of Prayer

Christian Teaching - Joseph Prince - How To Pray Powerful Prayers

Why pray if God knows all my needs? Must I pray long and hard before God hears and answers me? Does God answer "selfish" prayers? Find out the answers and more as Joseph Prince tackles these common questions about prayer and exposes erroneous beliefs that have hindered believers from experiencing powerful prayer lives. Let right believing take root as you see through the scriptures how much God wants you to turn to Him and ask Him to provide for and restore to you—no matter how impossible your situation. Hear this message to step into a prayer life full of faith, rest, power and miracles!

700 Club Interactive - Prayer - Power of Prayer

A mother pleads for her dying son. Watch how he gets a second chance.

Contemporary Christian Music - Third Day - I Need a Miracle

Late one night she started to cry and thought "He ain't coming home"
She was tired of the lies, tired of the fight
But she didn't wanna see him go
She fell on her knees and said
I haven't prayed since I was young
But "Lord above I need a miracle"

The Story Behind the Song

Christian Music - Toby Mac - City on Our Knees

Tonight's the night
For the sinners and the saints
Two worlds collide in a beautiful display
It's all love tonight
When we step across the line

Blue Grass Gospel - The Isaacs - Daniel Prayed

The Isaacs, a multi-award winning family group who began singing 35 years ago are based out of Hendersonville, TN. The vocalists are mother Lily Isaacs, and siblings Ben Isaacs, Sonya Isaacs Yeary and Rebecca Isaacs Bowman.

Christian Music - Lauren Daigle - I Will Trust In You

In a short time, Lauren Daigle has made an impressive mark on the Christian music scene. She appeared on Jason Gray’s Christmas tour and opened for Aaron Shust on the Morning Rises trek. She sang with Hillsong at a mega church in Birmingham, an experience she’ll always treasure, and leads worship three or four Sundays a month at Atlanta’s North Point Community Church, pastored by Andy Stanley. She has a heart for victims of human trafficking, a cause she has given her time and energy to since her college days.

100 Huntley Street - Prayer - Kay Arthur - Lord, I Need Answers

Moira sits down with Kay Arthur of Precept Ministries who talks about her passion for helping people live by the Word of God.

Gateway Church - Pastor Robert Morris - Prayer - Why Keep Praying

Pastor Robert Morris - Why Keep Praying?

Prayer - Anne Graham Lotz - Moving Mountains with Prayer

Anne Graham Lotz shares how the Daniel prayer can bring change to the nations.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

CBN Prayer - Praying for Your Needs - April 2015

Gordon and Wendy pray for you and deliver words of knowledge through the power of the Holy Spirit for your healing.

Children's Stories - Crossroads Kids' Club - God's Story: Armor of God

“How to Win Against Sin” because our real battle is against sin, and with Jesus, we can win.