Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Homosexuality - Ray Comfort - Are People Born Gay

"On the Box with Ray Comfort" is a daily (Monday through Friday) live, 27-minute, web-based talk show hosted by Ray Comfort and the Living Waters team.

Pastor Tim - Choose Life - LifeSiteNews - Pregnancy Care Centers Under Heavy Assault in New York

In this 12 minute LifeSiteNews interview New York crisis pregnancy care activist Chris Slattery provides startling information about the extremely high New York abortion rate. He also reveals the now exposed total lack of any meaningful government inspection and regulation of the city's numerous abortion centers while at the same time government has been trying to regulate the life-saving pro-life centers out of existence. Chris has been in and out of New York courts for years trying to preserve the only meaningful choices that exist in New York for mothers who want and need full information about their unborn child and would choose life.

Christian Music - Gateway Worship - Amber Rhoads - Without You

Amber grew up in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and started leading worship when she was 15 years old.

She is currently on staff at Gateway Church in Southlake, TX where she is a regular worship leader for the Singles Ministry and the Frisco campus.

Christian Teaching - 100 Huntley Street - Robert Morgan - Protection and Provision in the Tablelands

Author Robert Morgan dissects Ps 23:5 for us - stressing on God's protection and provision.

Christian Martyrs Voice - Vietnam - Wives of Prisoners

In this report, you'll meet three tribal women who traveled two days from their village in the mountains to tell us their stories. One said, "My husband was put in prison because he requested freedom of religion in the faith (Christianity)." Another told us of the challenges facing Christian women in her village because of the imprisonment of their husbands, "He's not at home. No one can do heavy labor at home, only women and children. We are afraid that the government will bring more difficulties upon our lives." You'll also meet a pastor who has suffered beatings because of his Christian activities.

American Christian History - WallBuilders - David Barton - Influence of the Bible

This inspiring video presentation documents the dramatic impact of the Bible on American life and culture over the past four centuries.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

End Time Prophecy - Pray For Israel - Israel Under Attack July 29 2014

On CBN News Today, July 29: Israel digs in for long battle to dismantle Hamas, Not everyone happy with religious ambassador pick, and more.

Christian Teaching - Pastor Robert Morris - Divine Benefits - Divine Satisfaction 2

Pastor Robert began meeting with a group of 30 people in his living room to pray for direction for the ministry, worship the Lord and study the Word. The following year, this group became the founding members of Gateway Church. Average weekly attendance across five campuses has now reached 24,000.